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FMC telemarketing with quality

Financial Marketing Concepts (FMC) functioned as a call center within financial services, where accuracy has the highest priority. For other markets, FMC implements the same strict standards and qualities, in order to convince new prospects of the benefits of your product or service with the limitations of the current time.

Are you looking for rapid growth in sales within your organization, for both the private sector and in the B-to-B with possible expansion with additional options such as customer service or agenda management?

At FMC you will find demonstrable returns, thanks to our perfect balance of expertise, team spirit and coaching. Our versatile call agents are selected and trained to be able to quickly switch between formal and ‘informal’ conversations. Our custom-written scripting guarantees the quality and care of agreements made.

Telesales is a profession for specialists, in this time more than ever!
We can tell you all about it! Call 010 – 20 700 70

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